The Miqo'tea Room

Established in September 2022, The Miqo'tea Room is the purr-fect place to unwind and relax after adventuring, battling, and crafting.Our tea room is great for those who enjoy socialising and roleplaying with our main focus in creating a calm atmosphere. We offer a unique environment fit for those of us who enjoy a little bit of peace, a place to make friends, and somewhere to

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Light, Alpha
Lavender Beds
Ward 21, Plot 21

Opening Times

15:00 - 18:00
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NAME vyreia sunPRONOUNS she/herROLE owner, managerSERVICES companionship, photography, tarotFOOD miqo dream ice creamABOUT hi! i'm a young miqo'te that just loves to take care of others and provide a safe and happy environment for those i cares about. i love to explore eorzea and find beautiful scenery to photograph before returning home to snuggle in a corner with a book. of course, sometimes, i can be found partaking in the odd bit of gambling (shhh) at my favourite clubs!EXTRA i promise this isn't a pyramid scheme ♥

NAME noftasmos moonPRONOUNS he/himROLE co-owner, managerSERVICES stock, serving, table bookings, plugin devFOOD stefano's quicheABOUT an optimistic and good looking cat boy, if you want food on the house just be flirty with me. i enjoy meeting new people and we can even become friends if you tip well (cha-ching). i'm always up for the task with my team by my side!EXTRA when I try to make dad jokes it always ends up in a catastrophe!ha.

NAME sage loxleyPRONOUNS she/herROLE co-owner, managerSERVICES bard, hostess, interior designFOOD hot chocolate, with extra chocolate ♥ABOUT just a very shy miqo'te girl with a love for music, interior design and all things artistic! although a little quiet, i'm very friendly and love meeting new people, so don't hesitate to give me a wave if you see me up on stage playing. oh also, dotes, pets and anything chocolate related will win my heart ♥EXTRA * how does a cat sing scales? *do-re-mew...i'll just show myself out.

NAME nao miraiPRONOUNS she/theyROLE companion, serverSERVICES companionship, serving, being lovelyFOOD springtide sushiABOUT nao mirai at your service! I love meeting new people and eating all the tasty food at the café. need help with anything, i am your gal!buy me a hot chocolate and I'll be your best friend :3EXTRA
what did the lalafell say when asked for a few gil?
sorry, I'm a little short!

NAME ra'ish sooyinPRONOUNS he/theyROLE supervisor, companion, serverSERVICES companionship, serving, being adorableFOOD sea-salt ice creamABOUT hi there! you can call me ra'ish, ra or rai! i'm just your local bun getting by and doing his best! will gladly lend an ear to hear about your day or troubles!EXTRA how do you know you’re too old for birthday cake?when the candles cost more than the cake!

NAME warcsi mcfluffPRONOUNS he/himROLE companionSERVICES companionship, morbol distributionFOOD miqo'te macadamia mango milktea (this item no longer exists oof)ABOUT i feel like i am being forced to introduce myself straight into thin air, not like i mind so here i go.i am warcsi.random questions start deep and ethical conversations.EXTRA my titles(self-given):
-collector of dice
-spender of money
-petter of dogs
-morbol prophet

NAME pieo spioPRONOUNS he/himROLE serverSERVICES companionship, lap sitting, serverFOOD if you get outta ma swamp when i tell ya to, i'll give you my favourite jubilee pie as a rewardABOUT would you like to be friends with this adorable little froggo? you wont find a more kind and caring amphibian! just please ask before you go ahead and pet me, not all of us like it as much as some others do.EXTRA be careful with mentioning heights when i'm around......its a sensitive subject.......

NAME peach puddingPRONOUNS she/herROLE culinarianSERVICES cooking delicious food, bardFOOD peach pie (if miss vy ever lets me add it to the menu ._.)ABOUT well hello! i'm peach, a bright bubbly bundle of joy! ♥ i help prepare all the delicious food for the café, and also play backup bard to miss sage! i embrace my small stature, so don't be afraid to pet me; i swear not all lalas are evil!(most of the time anyway)EXTRA what do you call a feline with a short haircut? a bob cat, of course.

NAME rose foxPRONOUNS she/herROLE server, advertiser, dad joke connoisseurSERVICES serving, photographyFOOD love northern milk teaaa - pls do not feed me hot coco, i will drink it happy and then get sick.ABOUT i love making shinies! be aware, i will always carry candles on me cause they are shiny! i love pestering pieo and share the same free company with nao, taki and f'yor, whom fear my frying pan! known for taking small naps in random spots.EXTRA where does a fox sleep during the winter?near the fur-nace.

NAME taki k'unPRONOUNS he/himROLE greeterSERVICES greeting guests, informationFOOD i am too simple so i like coffee : )ABOUT hmm..interesting..something about me. well, i am an avid stone collector : D i have collected over 1000 stones from all around eorzea. don't believe me? well, you will see me guarding the pond where i keep all the stones. i will give you a warm welcome if you come to see them :3 and have some coffee ♥EXTRA now I am lost what else to say. maybe through a poem?
i am a cute cat girl... "that's a lie"
i like to talk :3...... "never says hi"
i am always nice ^^.... "don't fall for it"
i love to give hugs.... "run away now quick"

NAME hibari lunarPRONOUNS she/herROLE serverSERVICES serving, companionship, being a delightFOOD sandwich basket ♥ABOUT * hello! i'm hibari :D i'm a bit shy but i really enjoy talk with people and make new friends :3 i like to help out everyone in everything i can and... i love dragons and potatoes!*EXTRA ok i'm horrible with this but...what has more lives than a cat? a frog, because it croaks every day. >:

NAME f'yor bladesongPRONOUNS he/himROLE server, companionSERVICES serving, companionship, being sillyFOOD sandwich basketABOUT hi o/ name is f'yor! i am an enthusiastic cat man just happy to be working here!if you need any help, or someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to call for me!EXTRAwhy did the miqo'te go to the doctor?they weren't feline good!

Soup of the Day - Served with homemade walnut bread3,000g
Stefano's Garden Quiche - Named after our beloved manservant: sun-dried tomatoes, basil, pine nuts, and parmesan4,000g
Bard's Omurice - Rice, omlette, and katsu mayo: choice of mushroom or beef topping2,000g
Speciality Breakfast Muffin - A crisp muffin topped with ricotta, salmon, pesto, black pepper5,000g
Sandwich Basket - A selection of popular fillings4,000g
Classic Afternoon Tea - Includes cake, scones, tarts, and Limsan breakfast tea5,000g
Springtide Sushi - Vinegared rice topped with miso-infused mackerel & teriyaki salmon, garnished with soy seaweed flakes8,000g
Blood Orange Sangria - Ul'dah red wine infused with cloves, cinnamon sticks, and blood oranges: 10% ABV10,000g
Marzipan & Rhubarb Tart - A crumbly shortcrust pastry decorated with orange and lemon zest, served with a dollop of cream12,000g
Sour Cherry Cheesecake - Dark sour cherries, dried raspberry sugar, and dark chocolate1000g
Floral Honey Muffins - Rose-infused honey drizzled muffins - 2 servings1,000g
White Chocolate & Macadamia Cookies - Oat cookies with nutmeg, cinnamon, macadamia nuts and white chocolate - 3 servings2,000g
Miqo'dream Ice Cream - A dozy double-act of lavender and honey, topped with an edible flower5000g
Carrot & Walnut Cake - A deliciously divine cake with a hidden ginger spice, served with cream3000g
Jubilee Pie - A royal favourite; apple pie paired with Thavnair vanilla ice cream, topped with a honeycomb crown6,000g
Tea - Chamomile, Chai, Matcha, Rooibos, or Northern Milk1,000g
Taro Bubble Tea - Ground taro root, jasmine tea, milk, sugar and tapioca pearls2,000g
Freshly Squeezed Juice - Orange, grape, melon, or pineapple1,000g
Coffee - Freshly brewed and the perfect pick-me-up1,000g
Hot Chocolate - Rich and luxurious; comes with cream and marshmallows5,000g
Blackberry Bramble - Refreshingly delicious with muddled blackberries, gin, lemon juice, blackberry liquor, and syrup: 43% ABV7,000g


Companion - Spend time with our delightful companions50,000g
Photos - *Solo photos with bespoke shaders & poses, +50k extra pp *200,000g
Basic Tarot - 3 card reading200,000g
Premium Tarot - 3 card reading + questions300,000g


Behaviour: Under no circumstances should there be any discriminatory language about or to any guests or staff.NSFW Content: Strictly no NSFW content in public chat; this is a SFW venue.Emotes: Turn your emote logs off whilst in and around the tea room.Tea Room Etiquette: As this is a place to relax and unwind, please leave all weapons and pets at home./Say: When chatting, please use /say as our staff will be using /shout and /yell for promotions.Dresscode: Please keep your pants on at all time, including shirts.Advertising: Please refrain from advertising in and around the tea room without prior consent from a host.


Perks ☕Earl Grey 🥉Matcha 🥈Rooibos 🥇
event polls
ooc events
service queue jump
discord role & syncshell*
balcony access
free companion-30m1h
free platters123
photo & tarot discount10%20%30%
max number of guests123
price per month700k1.5m2.5m

Want to pre-book a table or buy balcony access? Only 50k per night!

How to book:
♦ Pop by our Discord and open a 'Pre-Booking' ticket
♦ A member of staff will be in touch shortly♦ We request a 10% deposit or full payment at least 12 hours before the time♦ Deposits are non-refundable

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